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About Mosomic

Mosomic is a consulting company that offers its services to companies that use or manufacture miniature microphones. Our key services are:


  • General help with miniature microphones for customers that use, or are planning to use, microphones in their devices: for example, microphone selection, microphone implementation into devices and applications (such as speech user interfaces), supplier management and sound capturing use case improvement and innovation
  • Development and marketing help for microphone manufacturers: for example, component definition and roadmapping, technical market analyses and document creation
  • Microphone training and educational material creation
  • Video productions: microphone demonstrations, technology reviews, etc.



About Mikko Suvanto

Mosomic is led by Mikko Suvanto, the CEO and Microphone Specialist. He founded the company in 2016. He has a long history in the consumer electronics industry, having worked on ECM (electret condenser microphone) and MEMS (Micro-Electro-Mechanical System) microphone development and marketing since 2001. You can find more details about Mikko's history here.


Mikko is…

an electrical engineer; he has a master’s degree (MSc) in electrical engineering from the Tampere University of Technology (2001); his main subject was Electronics, secondary subject Production Technologies

a microphone and acoustics expert; he’s worked on miniature microphones since 2001 (2001-2011 at Nokia, 2011-2016 at Bosch/Akustica, 2016-present at Mosomic)

a MEMS expert; he cooperated closely with all leading MEMS microphone suppliers while working in the microphone team at Nokia; after that he gathered 5 years worth of first hand experience at Bosch/Akustica, one of the leading MEMS companies in the world

a project manager and development coordinator; he executed 25 component development projects successfully at Nokia (in cooperation with leading microphone suppliers) resulting in successful production and use of more than 3 billion microphones

a technical marketing professional; ever since 2001, one of his core duties has been to understand what is needed from microphones and turn those needs into component requirement specifications and thereby into outstanding devices

an all-rounder in microphone implementation; over the years, he's gathered a massive repository of practical know-how on electrical, acoustical and mechanical implementation of microphones into devices (check out item #9 below to see him share some of that knowledge)

a customer supporter; he served more than 100 phone development projects at Nokia; he was also a key technical customer interface at Bosch/Akustica for 5 years

an innovator; he’s come up with a long list of microphone improvements over the years; 17 patents have been granted for the most prominent innovations (see a list here); a highlight is the conception of the Nokia Rich Recording technology which enabled an outstanding recording quality and steered the direction of the whole CE microphone industry towards higher acoustic overload points and lower noise levels

an educator and a video producer; check out Mosomic MEMS Microphone Guide on YouTube to see more; Mikko has given lectures / seminars at the Aalto University (Helsinki, Finland) and the Royal Institute of Technology (Stockholm, Sweden)

a technical writer; over the years he’s produced a high pile of documents; specifications, requirements, roadmaps, project reports, marketing materials, business plans, white papers, feasibility studies and training materials (find a few shareable examples here)



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