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Mosomic MEMS Microphone Guide


The Mosomic MEMS microphone Guide is a comprehensive guide on MEMS microphones. The goal is to help device manufacturers design and develop high quality MEMS microphone solutions into their smartphones, smart speakers, IoT applications, appliances, and so on. The guide addresses most things one needs to know about the characteristics and use of MEMS microphones. 


The guide consists of 25 episodes with an average duration between 15 and 20 minutes. The total duration of the guide is more than 7 hours.


The target audience for this guide is everyone who wants to learn about MEMS microphones: People who use microphones in their devices, microphone purchasing people, engineers who implement microphones into devices, microphone manufacturers, microphone marketing people, CE executives who need to understand what microphones are and what they can do and, of course, students studying acoustics, audio or electrical engineering.




YouTube playlist: Mosomic MEMS Microphone Guide playlist



Episode list

Sound and acoustics related to MEMS microphones

    Ep01: Sound and Acoustics 1: explanation of sound, sound sources, frequencies

    Ep02: Sound and Acoustics 2: sound propagation, sound pressure level (SPL), Helmholtz resonance,

               sound reception, capacitive microphones

    Ep03: Microphone Acoustics: acoustic structure of a microphone, acoustic factors in a microphone,

               Helmholtz resonance, acoustic resistances


Key Value Indicators that indicate the performance and value of MEMS microphones

    Ep04: Introduction to MEMS microphone key value indicators

    Ep05: Sensitivity, Polarity, Directivity

    Ep06: Frequency Response, Phase, Group Delay

    Ep07: Noise, SNR

    Ep08: Distortion, Dynamic Range

    Ep09: Current Consumption, PSRR, RF, ESD

    Ep10: Matching, Stability, Robustness


MEMS microphone basics: package, MEMS sensor, ASIC, structure, functionality

    Ep11: Package & MEMS Sensor

    Ep12: ASIC (analog/digital), functionality, modeling, manufacturing, MEMS vs. ECMs


Implementation: the way a microphone is designed and built to be a part of a device mechanically, acoustically and electrically

    Ep13: Implementation Goals

    Ep14: Acoustical Implementation, sound port acoustics and resonances

    Ep15: Mechanical Implementation 1: acoustic sealing, sealing reliability

    Ep16: Mechanical Implementation 2: size, microphone protection, placement

    Ep17: Electrical Implementation 1 - Analog Microphones

    Ep18: Electrical Implementation 2 - Digital Microphones: PDM, digital interfacef, signal connections

    Ep19: Electrical Implementation 3 - Digital Microphones: clock, timing, I/O levels, signal path

    Ep20: Electrical Implementation 4 - Electromagnetic Compatibility: RF mitigation, power supply


    Ep21: Electrical Implementation 5: ESD (+ Reliability Factors)


Reliability, robustness & quality in production and throughout microphone lifetime 

    Ep21: Reliability Factors: basics of MEMS microphone reliability

    Ep22: Reliability Hazards: environmental, contamination, mechanical abuse, pressure shocks, electrical


    Ep23: Reliability Improvement: mechanical reliability, contamination, environmental, light sensitivity

    Ep24: Reliability in Device Production: general guidelines, reflow, reworking


MEMS microphone testing

    Ep25: Electrical and Acoustical Testing 1: basics of electro-acoustic testing, parameters to be tested

    Ep26: Electrical and Acoustical Testing 2: electro-acoustic test setup, test requirements, RF testing

    Ep27: Reliability Testing 1: drop and impact, pressure shock, vibration

    Ep28: Reliability Testing 2: environmental, contamination, ESD, reflow, use case


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