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The MEMS Microphone Book Coffee Table Ad


The MEMS Microphone Book 


Whatever you do with miniature microphones,

this book helps you do it better!


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If you're a microphone designer or manufacturer, The MEMS Microphone Book improves your understanding of the requirements devices and sound capturing systems set on the components you design and make, enabling you to make better, more valuable, products.

If you're a device manufacturer, The MEMS Microphone Book tells you what the key properties of microphones are, how to implement them into your device to reach the best possible outcome, and what pitfalls to look out for. Knowing all this enables you to build better products and save time and money while you're doing it.

If you're generally interested in modern, small form factor sound capturing, possibly looking to replace traditional large-scale microphones with smaller components, The MEMS Microphone Book tells you about the possibilities MEMS microphones offer, and how to create a high-performance sound capture system with them.



Reviews / Feedback

audioXpress: The Audio Voice newsletter of the audioXpress magazine reviewed The MEMS Microphone Book in their letter number 364. They wrote, for example: "I'm confident enough on the quality of the work to recommend it to The Audio Voice readers.", "The book is certainly enlightening in many ways, and it includes as much technical information as anyone working with MEMS implementations might need, while providing reading material for anyone interested in sound capture and microphone technology in general" and "I could find a lot of information that I have never found elsewhere". You can find the review here:

Dr. Gunar Lorenz (Head of Technical Marketing Sensors, Infineon Technologies): "It’s very well written and an excellent overview over our business. I will make it a compulsory read for our new employees."

Head of Engineering at FIDO Tech Ltd"It is an invaluable read no matter what field of microphones you are in. Highly recommend it to anyone."

Jerad Lewis (Senior Manager, Microphone Systems Engineering at Sonos, Inc.): "[…] a lot of relevant technology and applications information for MEMS mics that before now have never all been in one place. I’d recommend this book to anyone working with MEMS mics, whether you’re working on the design and integration of these devices or if you’re just interested in the acoustics, electronics and technology here. I am sure that I’ll continue to refer to this book to help with my work and to learn something new and interesting."

Larry Hawker (Principal Acoustic Designer at Zebra Technologies): “Great book. Easy to read with lots of good information. We bought four copies for our Acoustics group.

David Berol (AVS Certification Manager at Amazon): "I am slowly reading this book page by page as time allows. It is fantastic."

Pokai Jen (Head of Application Engineering, Knowles Taiwan): "It’s awesome book contains everything we should learn for MEMS mic audio. Each my engineering team member got one and really enjoy in reading it. Very helpful!"

Kieran Harney (Business Development Americas, SensiBel): "The MEMS Microphone Book is an excellent comprehensive reference book. It belongs on the shelf of all microphone users."

Raimundo Gonzalez (Postdoctoral Researcher @ Aalto University in Spatial Audio): "Knowing the widespread use and potential of MEMS microphones, I'm really happy this now exists. Also happy that I got to help with it's reviewing." 



The MEMS Microphone Book contains:

- Highly practical lessons learned on MEMS microphone accumulated over the course of a successful 20-year career in the field of miniature microphones

- Every important piece of knowledge encountered while working for the biggest microphone buyer of its time and cooperating with world leading microphone suppliers to put 3 billion microphones into the best mobile phones in the market

- All the knowhow and insight gathered while working as a microphone product innovation leader within the company that pretty much invented MEMS and continues to be a world leader in the field


 The book covers, among other things, the following topics:

- The key aspects and characteristics of sound and acoustics related to MEMS microphones

- The basic structure of a miniature microphone

- The structure and functionality of a MEMS microphone

- The key factors and parameters that determine the performance and value of a MEMS microphone

- The key things to know and understand about electroacoustic testing of MEMS microphones

- Extensive guidelines on how to implement MEMS microphones into a device acoustically, mechanically and electrically to reach the best possible performance and reliability of the sound capturing system

- The importance of high MEMS microphone reliability and guidelines on how to maximize it

- The key things to know about reliability testing of MEMS microphones

Note to microphone designers: this book does not tell you how to design a MEMS microphone. However, it does tell you what the resulting component should be like (in terms of behavior, performance, reliability, robustness, and so on).


Book specs:

  - Release format: physical book, soft-cover

  - 605 pages; page size 170x240mm (6.7x9.4")

  - Table of contents:  link

  - Index:                       link




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